Sebo X1 X1.1 X4 X5 X7 Servo Motor / Gear Box


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Please note: As a product containing a PCB, this is a non-returnable part. Please be certain this is the part you need before you order.

This is a used / checked and fully functional servo motor (also sometimes known as a gearbox) for the Sebo vacuum cleaners listed below. This is the unit that a wheel locates on the spindle on the underside of your Sebo. It is the unit that controls the automatic height adjustment on your Sebo. However, it is not the only component that does this (the main PCB board and other components contribute to this also), so please be sure that this is the item you need before order.

This is a replacement servo motor to fit all versions of the following Sebo models:

  • Sebo X1
  • Sebo X1.1
  • Sebo X4
  • Sebo X5
  • Sebo X7
  • Sebo X8
  • Sebo XP10/20/30

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