Sebo X1 X1.1 X4 X5 Main PCB Board Early Type


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Please note: This is a non-returnable part. Please be certain this is the part you need before you order.

This is the early type Sebo PCB marked NPPSTXSM-2.

This is a tested and recycled main board (also sometimes known as a PCB) for the Sebo vacuum cleaners listed below. This is the unit that encompasses the warning lights on your Sebo. However, it is not the only component that controls these functions, and it has other functions too. Please be sure that this is the item you need before order.

Technical note: Main PCBs are only interchangeable between different types if the side power PCB is changed at the same time, as the PCBs work with each other so you cannot mix and match.

This PCB can be used to replace like with like on the following Sebo models:

  • Sebo X1
  • Sebo X1.1
  • Sebo X4 (not Pet models with “Boost” button)
  • Sebo X5

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